WordPress 6.0.3 security update released

On 17.10.2022 the version 6.0.3 of WordPress was released.

This release is a security release that fixes the following security related bugs among others:

  • Stored XSS via wp-mail.php
  • Open redirect in wp_nonce_ays
  • Sender’s email address is exposed in wp-mail.php
  • Media Library – Reflected XSS via SQLi
  • CSRF in wp-trackback.php
  • Stored XSS via the Customizer
  • Revert shared user instances introduced in 50790
  • Stored XSS in WordPress Core via Comment Editing
  • Data exposure via the REST Terms/Tags Endpoint
  • Content from multipart emails leaked
  • SQL Injection due to improper sanitization in `WP_Date_Query`
  • RSS Widget: Stored XSS issue
  • Stored XSS in the search block
  • Feature Image Block: XSS issue
  • RSS Block: Stored XSS issue
  • Fix widget block XSS

Due to these security related bugs, an update is highly recommended.

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