TYPO3: Exception 1316104317 - Controller can not be determined

When you want to add a content element "plug-in" to a page in TYPO3, the following error may occur in TYPO3:

TYPO3 Exception 1316104317
The default controller for extension ... and plugin ... can not be determined.

The following situations can lead to this error:

Pay attention to Upper Camel Case in TypoScript

If you embed the plugin into the website via TypoScript, then you should pay attention to the UpperCamelCase notation. A wrong spelling can lead to the above mentioned errors, e.g.

lib.marker = USER_INT
lib.marker {
  userFunc = Extcode\Cart\Controller\Cart\CartPreviewController->show

  # Pay attention to upper camel case here!
  extensionName = Cart
  vendorName = Extcode

  pluginName = MiniCart

Switching the plugin type in the content element

If you have inserted the plugin as a normal content element, then changing the plugin type can cause the error. e.g. if you change from the News plugin to Cart.

There are two solutions for this:

  1. Delete content element and create it again with the plugin that you need.
  2. Manual editing of the record in the database: In the table tt_content look for the plugin record and delete the content of the field "pi_flexform".

Check if the extension has a controller

The error can occur if you forget to define the controller in ext_localconf.php while developing the extension or if you have an error in the code of the definition. The following is an example of how a controller should look like:

  //assuming your extension is in typo3conf/ext/your_ext folder

  // Plugin name

  // An array of controller-action combinations. The first one found is the default one.
    \YourVendor\YourExt\Controller\YourController::class => 'index,new,create,edit,update'

  // An array of non-cacheable controller-action-combinations (they must already be enabled)
    \YourVendor\YourExt\Controller\YourController::class => 'new,create,edit,update'

Source: typo3.org: TYPO3 Exception 1316104317

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